Welcome to our innovative Language School

Do you want to learn English or Spanish but the first thoughts that come into your mind are:

"I can´t remember any words"

"I have been learning the language for several years but I still can´t communicate"

"I hate grammar"

"I´m afraid to speak"

If you REALLY want to learn the language now and you have a reason that motivates you, then you are in the right place!

The important thing is that if YOU know WHY, WE will show you HOW.

In Sonder Language School, we put an emphasis on communication from the first minute. In a cozy learning environment and in small groups (3 -5 students), you will learn a language at your own pace and enjoy it .

If you decide for SONDER, you will automatically become a member of Sonder CLUB where we organize activities every month (more INFO HERE)